24 JUNE 2023
13:00 - 21:30
Olympic Stadium
Reaching everyone
requires everyone
A historic event around the Great Commission in the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam. This day is not complete without you. Get encouraged in the hope we have in Jesus. Book quickly!

Why you should join

Together with 22,500 Christians worshipping God, listening to inspiring and powerful speakers and praying together for the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Be empowered – Get inspired by what God is doing around the world and the hope that He brings.

Be equipped – Bring your gift to the global movement and let God move in you.

Be encouraged – No one can run this race alone, we need each other and work together to reach everyone. 

what you need to know


Olympisch Stadion 2,
1076 DE Amsterdam


24 June, 2023


9:30 – 12:30 Outreach in Amsterdam
11:00 Outdoor area & hospitality open
12:00 Doors of the stadium open
13:00 Start of the program
21:30 End of the program

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This historic day is not complete without you. Will you join us?

What to expect

It is Saturday, June 24th, you enter the Olympic Stadium and immediately you get the feeling that you are part of something much bigger.

Many bands and speakers are ready to worship God with you and take you through a dynamic message that will impact your life. The whole day revolves around the hope we have in Jesus and how we can spread this hope to those around us.

Both national and international organizations and churches of different denominations are participating, from a shared mission: to reach everyone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the next ten years! A unique moment to give an official starting shot for this. And to reach everyone we need everyone, including you!

The program starts at 1:00 pm with an international sing in with Iwan & Rebekah and the Church band choir. How cool is that! Together with 22,500 people worshipping God.
Several well-known Dutch speakers such as Ruben Flach, Jan Pool, Felix Govers and Arleen Westerhof will inspire us and several pastors from Amsterdam will open the day. During the international sing in, the Passion Cross will be carried inside, followed by flags from all the countries of the world. An impressive moment!
Together we will pray for the Netherlands.

From the Netherlands we go on a journey. A journey through all parts of the world to see what God is doing. We start in Europe. Ben Fitzgerald (Germany), Glyn Barret (UK) and Anne Christiansen (Norway) take us to see what God is doing in Europe. The English band Chroma leads us in praise and worship between short and inspiring messages, and together we pray for Europe.

From Europe, the journey continues to South America. We listen to Claudio Freidzon (Argentina) and Cash Luna (Guatemala), both revival preachers from South America. They see hundreds of thousands of people coming to Jesus and are seeing tremendous growth of churches in South America. The Brazilian band Dunamis takes us into praise and worship.

From South America we move to Asia, the continent where most of the world’s people live. Younghoon Lee (South Korea), Niko Njotorahardjo (Indonesia) and Brother Yun (China) have 3 short, powerful messages for us. We hear testimonies of what God is doing in Asia. We will pray for this beautiful great continent.

The journey continues, from Asia to Africa. Goodwill Shana (Zimbabwe), E.A Adeboye (Nigeria) and Daniel Kolenda (USA, evangelist in Africa) will show us in what ways God is powerfully working in Africa. The Oral Roberts University band will lead us in praise and worship between messages.

From Africa we will travel to the USA, including Cindy Jacobs (USA). She will bring a prophetic message. Nick Hall (USA) will also briefly share the Word of God with us.

Our journey finally ends in Australia. Russell Evans (Australia, Planetshakers Church) talks about how God is working mightily in Australia and the band Planetshakers leads us in exuberant praise and worship.

The day is not over yet! After our journey around the world, new people walk into the stadium. They were invited during the outreaches in Amsterdam to come to the Olympic Stadium in the evening.

Evangelist Nathan Morris will bring a clear evangelism message and an invitation to people who want to follow Jesus for the first time. We expect hundreds of people to give their lives to Jesus.

After this wonderful moment, Jean Luc Trachsel and Martin Koornstra will pray for the sick and pray for the fulfillment and baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Lindy and the Circuit Riders lead the praise and worship during and after these special moments.

We will close the evening with a powerful word and the kickoff of 10 years of unprecedented evangelism by Dr. Billy Wilson (senior leader Empowered21) and Theo Hayashi (Brazil, leader the Send). This will be a very impressive moment.
During worship with Lindy and the Circuit Riders, the Passion cross will be brought out again, as a symbolic sign that Jesus needs the world.

In 1983 in Amsterdam Billy Graham sponsored the first International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists. Now, a generation later, evangelists, missionaries and Great Commission focused ministries are converging on Amsterdam again for the dawn of a new era of evangelism.

In 2033 the world will celebrate the 2000 year anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and the birth of the Church on the Day of Pentecost.

We believe the decade leading up to 2033 will be an important decade as we make it possible for everyone on the planet to hear the gospel.

People with a heart for the Great Commision from all over the world come to Amsterdam for the event for inspiration, equipment and encouragement for a new decade of evangelism.

Collaborate with believers from around the world about the Great Commission.

Innovate new ways to reach more people with the Gospel.

Experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Inspire you to have a greater vision of God’s heart for the world.

All with one audacious goal: take the news of Jesus to every person on earth.​

The program in the stadium starts at 1 pm and continues until approximately 9:30 pm. At 12.30 pm the doors of the stadium will open.
In the morning, you can participate in an outreach in the city. This is from 10-12 am.

We open the event with praise and worship. There will be a time of testimonies, where we will start with the Dutch Church and celebrate the hope they bring to their country. 
After this different speakers will share how they are doing their part of the Great Commission, inspiring you to do so in your own region. We will be celebrating these testimonies with praise led by worship bands from all over the world. 

The evening program in particular is very suitable to bring your non-believing family and friends.

Everyone is welcome at this event. So invite all your family and friends to join!

For every leader with a heart for the spread of the Gospel, this is a unique event to be inspired and empowered with your church, organization or association to spread the Good News of the Gospel, even in a modern age of digitization and secularization.

Machiel Jonker, voorzitter Verenigde Pinkster- en Evangeliegemeenten (VPE) Christian Tan, algemeen secretaris Verenigde Pinkster- en Evangeliegemeenten en Stichting Meer Jezus 

Menno Helmus, leider Vineyard BeNeLux 

Jan Wolsheimer, directeur MissieNederland 

Wilfred Fijnvandraat, directeur Stichting Agapè 

Jan Pool, leider Hrtlink 

Arnoud Drop, directeur Alpha Nederland 

Moses Alagbe, voorzitter Pentecostal Council of Churches (PCC) 

Daniel Pasterkamp, lead pastor Europoort International Church / voorzitter Voorgangersoverleg  Rotterdam 

Jaap en Astrid Feddes, leiders Destined to Reign 

Martin Koornstra, directeur Royal Mission 

Gerard en Lydia de Groot, leiders Stichting Heart2Heart 

Johan den Hartogh, leider Justice House of Prayer 

Hans Maat, directeur Stichting Return of Hope en European Mission Centre Mattheüs van der Steen, leider Harvest Fields International 

Freek van Balen, directeur Jeugd met een Opdracht Nederland 

Piet Brinksma, voorganger Rafaël Amsterdam Noord en voorzitter stadsbeweging ACCL

Dick en Arleen Westerhof, voorgangers God’s Embassy Amsterdam & By Design

Walfried Giltjes, voorganger Shelter Haarlem en Life Leaders Network 

Jeroen Dorstijn, voorganger GODcentre Gouda 

Ruben Flach, directeur Stichting Opwekking

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Only 22.500 tickets




Practical information

Everyone2023 takes place on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at the Olympic Stadium, in Amsterdam.

The program in the stadium starts at 2 pm and continues until approximately 9:30 pm. At 12.00 the doors of the stadium will open. At 11 am the event site will open. From then it’s possible to buy food and drinks.

In the morning, you can participate in an outreach in the city. This is from 9.30 am-12.30 pm.

The name says it all, for everyone. Invite all your family and friends to come along to this special event. The evening program in particular is great for bringing your non-believing family and friends.

The tickets are free of charge. All you have to do is book your ticket at https://register.amsterdam2023.com/Olympic-stadium-B

You can book 1 ticket per reservation.

It is not possible to make a group reservation.

The easiest way is to share the registration link and let the other person book with his or her own data. If you still want to book for someone else, use his or her details and email for this reservation.

It is not possible to reserve a specific seat. In the stadium there are seats in the stands. Please note, these are mostly uncovered. On the field there are only (uncovered) standing places.

The tickets are free, so you do not have to pay for them. There will be an offering during the event.

After completing your reservation, you will receive your ticket by email.

Yes, if you are unable to attend after all, it is possible to cancel your reservation.

Practical information

We advise and encourage you to travel by public transport as much as possible. Travel by subway or train to Amsterdam-Zuid Station. From there you can walk to the stadium. It’s a walk of about 15 minutes. The route is marked with signs.

If you come by car, you can park at the RAI. There is a reduced rate especially for this day. A parking ticket costs €22.50 per car. You can purchase your parking ticket at: https://parkeren.rai.nl/nl/booking.html?affiliate=x286fp2m

Of course, you can also park outside the city and use public transportation for the last part of your trip.

From your parking spot, also from the RAI, travel by subway or train to Amsterdam Zuid Station. From there you can walk to the stadium. It’s a walk of about 15 minutes. The route is marked with signs.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to park in the immediate area of the stadium.

If you come by car, you can park at the RAI. There is a reduced rate especially for this day. A parking ticket costs €22.50 per car. You can purchase your parking ticket at: https://parkeren.rai.nl/nl/booking.html?affiliate=x286fp2m

Of course, you can also park outside the city and use public transportation for the last part of your trip.

From your parking spot, also from the RAI, travel by subway or train to Amsterdam Zuid Station. From there you can walk to the stadium. It’s a walk of about 15 minutes. The route is marked with signs.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to park in the immediate area of the stadium.

You are not allowed to bring large bags or backpacks into the Olympic Stadium. Handbags with a maximum A4 size are excepted. If you are in doubt, security will probably be in doubt as well and it is better to opt for a smaller bag.


You are not allowed to bring the items listed below into the Olympic Stadium:

  • Your own food and drink. The only exception is baby food;
  • other liquids;
  • glass, cans, plastic bottles or aerosols, even if empty;
  • drugs;
  • toxic, flammable or explosive materials and fireworks.
  • clothing with provocative, offensive or insulting prints;
  • banners, cardboard / paper signs with lettering (up to a maximum size of A4, 210 by 297 millimeters, is allowed)
  • flags or flagpoles thicker than 2 centimeters and longer than 1.5 meters, umbrellas / parasols, selfie sticks;
  • walking sticks (except for medical reasons)
  • weapons, chains or other objects that can be used as weapons or disturb order
  • professional audio and video equipment, GoPro devices and other recording equipment;
  • drones or other flying objects;
  • horns or other noisemakers, musical instruments (including the Shofar), loudspeakers
  • animals
  • flyers or other promotional materials
  • skates, bicycles, scooters, skateboard
  • chairs or stools.

In general, if you are in doubt whether to bring something and it is not necessary: do not bring it. We cannot take items that are not allowed inside for safekeeping. Do not bring unnecessary objects and valuables into the Olympic Stadium.


If you need to bring medication, we recommend that you also bring a doctor’s note.

It is not possible to withdraw money from an ATM, neither in the stadium nor on the surrounding event grounds.

There will be several water points on the event site. Unless otherwise indicated, this is drinking water.

There are plenty of restrooms both in the stadium and on the area around it.

Most of the stadium and the area around it is not covered. We are assuming it will be a beautiful day in June without rain, but it is and always will be Holland and the weather often does what it wants, so take the weather into account!

Here are some tips!

  • In the evening it can cool down. It is wise to bring an extra sweater, vest or jacket.
  • If rain is forecast, we advise you to bring rainwear. Please note that umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium.
  • In fine weather, it is wise to protect yourself from the sun. Wear protective clothing, use sun protection and drink plenty.

We want to minimize the impact of this event on the environment. Therefore, we are making a number of choices to be as sustainable as possible.


  • Circular cup system: during this event we will use R-PET soft cups. Visitors are encouraged to return their cups to the bars. These cups will be collected separately and can be recycled.
  • Waste: We do not consider waste as a residual product, but as a collection of valuable raw materials. There will be central recycling points where waste will be collected separately as much as possible.
  • Power: We choose to use clean and renewable energy as much as possible. For example, we use power generated by solar panels on the roof of the Olympic Stadium. The goal is to use at least 75% green power.
  • Food: at least 50% of the food offered during the event will be vegetarian. This is how we create awareness and reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Transportation: we encourage everyone to come to the event by public transportation as much as possible. For the delivery of all materials, we try to combine as much transport as possible.

Yes, the Olympic Stadium is wheelchair accessible. You can park in the parking garage under the Olympic Stadium (as long as it is not full). From here you can go up with the elevator. When you reached the top, you can go around the stadion to the main entrance. The main entrance is a wheelchair-accessible entry. There is a wheelchair-accessible platform at the back of the field.

Yes, it is possible to come to the Olympic Stadium by coach bus. You can follow the signs ‘Ordered transport’ when you arrive at the stadium. It is only possible for coach busses to drop people off at the Olympic Stadium, after the drop off they must leave again. For pick up, busses can wait on the Fred Roeskestraat. To make sure this goes smoothly, bus drivers must follow the instructions from the traffic controllers. 

It is possible that your question is not listed. Contact us for more information. We look forward hearing from you. We will keep expanding this FAQ in the near future. We advise you to check this website regularly for new information.

Get involved

If you want to be part and actively involved in the kickoff of a decade of Evangelization then you can! To make Amsterdam2023 and Everyone2023 possible we are looking for many, many volunteers.

Specifically we are looking for ushers, people for the hospitality teams (info, scanning and greeting), translators, staff for the info point, catering and of course staff for set up and tear down.

Also for the conference at the RAI, we are looking for employees for the above mentioned groups to help build and make these unique days possible.

Take a look at https://register.amsterdam2023.com/volunteers soon to see what opportunities are available. It would be great if you can do several days. We will begin to set up on Sunday, June 18.

If you would like to come with your church, youth group, Bible school or other larger group to help, please email volunteers@empowered21.com (may be in Dutch or English). We will be happy to look at the possibilities.

Join us!  You will help make it possible for this decade of fulfilling the Great Commission to have a fantastic start.

Yes, it is certainly possible to participate in the outreach. This can be done in three ways.

Do you want to get involved as a church? Then fill out this form: https://everyone2023.com/form-involved-church/

Do you have your own ideas for an outreach activity? Then fill out this form: https://everyone2023.com/form-outreach-activity/

Would you like to sign up as a group leader for the outreach? Then fill out this form: https://everyone2023.com/form-outreach-leader/

Experience 3 more days

Join us on June 21st till 23rd for three full days at RAI Amsterdam for workshops, inspiration, collaboration and worship during our three day conference.