Help to mobilize churches

Do you also think that your church or group should be there? Everyone is welcome at EVERYONE2023 – A Celebration of Hope. Empowered21 likes to work with local churches and groups to celebrate and share the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus yet. EVERYONE2023 offers churches a unique experience with the gospel. Totally free.

As a contact person you take care of the following matters:

1. You help people in and around your church to register for free as soon as possible before June 24, 13.00-21.00
2. You approach volunteers, intercessors and evangelists for the event and outreach 10.00-13.00
3. You motivate participants to invite others to the evangelistic program from 19.00-20.30

Empowered21 helps you with material and tips. Download promotional material here

I sign up as a contact to promote EVERYONE2023 in my church and network.

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