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Welcome to the sign-up form for involved churches or Christian movements. We are looking for:


  • Your involved church and the location of the church (or house church)
  • A follow-up leader of your church (who can quickly find a suitable small group for a new believer)


Collaboration between churches and outreaches in the city is needed to make disciples. We want to help with this by providing a follow-up leader from your church. During the outreaches, people of the city are reached with the Gospel. To bring about lasting impact and growth in faith, we send the data of reached (and interested) people to the follow-up leader of a church. This will be a church that is located close to where the reached person lives. The follow-up leader of the church can then quickly provide a follow-up by personally approaching this person within 3 days and integrating new believers into the church and small groups.

Therefore, fill in the form below if you want to be involved as a church.

We will contact you later as a follow-up to our collaboration.




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